How Can I Quit Smoking?

What Can This Program Do For Me?

Whether this is your first time or your tenth time quitting, A Smoke Free Paso Del Norte is here to help. Quitting isn’t easy but setting a "quit date," calling our Quit Line, and checking out some of the resources and tips on our website can put you on the right track to quitting for good.

Steps to Get Started


Step #1

Set a "quit date" by which you would like to quit smoking. It really helps to have a goal.

Step #2

Contact the Quit Line and get access to all of the resources that are available to you. Call us at 915-534-QUIT (7848)

Step #3

Be sure to avoid any places with lots of smoke. You don't need that temptation.

Step #4

Download and print this helpful guide and be sure to read it. It has info to assist you in reaching your goal of not smoking.

Helping Someone Else Quit

How Can I Help a Friend or a Family Member Stop Smoking? 

If you’re looking to help a friend, loved one, or family member quit smoking, you can help. The American Lung Association offers these tips:

  • Tell your friend that you know he or she can quit smoking for good, even if he or she has tried to quit before.

  • For the first few days after the smoker quits, be ready to help. He or she may just want to talk, or your friend may want extra help when a tough situation arises, such as a party, or a crisis at home or work.


  • Offer to call or visit to check on them. Ask how your friend is feeling, not just whether or not they are still off cigarettes.

  • No nagging, scolding, or preaching—that just doesn't work. Instead, let your friend know how much you admire them for trying to quit.

Other Resources to Quit Smoking

yes quit smoking logo.png

Web-Based Program

The Texas Department of State Health Services offers a web-based program called Yes Quit. The program offers a Web Coach® that will provide you with access to a private, online community where you can complete activities, watch videos, track your progress, and join in discussions with others in the program.

Contact Us:

If you need help quitting tobacco or smoking / vaping, please call 915-534-QUIT (7848). For all other inquiries, questions or comments regarding A Smoke Free Paso del Norte, please fill out this form.

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