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Parent Education Around Vaping in the Borderland

KVIA News – March 4, 2023 – Brianna Perez

According to the American Heart Association, Vaping is the new youth tobacco epidemic with 1 in 5 teens vaping, approximately 3.6 million kids.

The association said nearly half of youth e-cigarette users report using a device in school, and nearly half of kids want to quit.

“.. so that's why we're partnering with school districts in El Paso County, to create and maintain tobacco-free environments that are aligned with best practices,” said Kristen Ortega, Action for Healthy Kids.

Ortega said in some devices, the cartridges or disposables have an equivalent of over a pack of cigarettes which can harm a developing adolescent brain.

Some signs that your child is vaping are to look out for any mysterious USBs, any coils, batteries, or if there's mysterious fruity smells coming behind closed doors.

You can also look out for unexplained purchases or unexplained packages.

She said the first step for them is to just talk about it with their child.

“We know that it's a very daunting task. However, they're getting hit by social media and television, on their way to school, at school, and around their friend groups. So that's why they need the information that their trusted adult or their parents are going to provide to them and that type of education,” said Ortega.


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