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Read Between the Slang

A wide variety of alluring flavors are added to vape products making them immensely enticing to your kids.

Your kids are being targeted by Big tobacco with flavored vapes. Stay alert parents! Learn how to talk to your kids about vaping.

The broad assortment of seductive flavors added to vape products makes it a tough task to steer our children away from vaping. Parents, continue to stay alert!

Big Tobacco is targeting your child by offering kid-friendly flavors and packaging its products to appeal to the youth market.

Keeping up with the slang (popular terms and phrases) from young vapers can be difficult at best. The realm of vaping and its vocabulary is ever-expanding, with new lingo and jargon cropping up on a regular basis. Check back here regularly to see other vape slang examples in our ongoing series of "Read Between the Slang".

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